Each year, law enforcement professionals receive updates to New York’s penal law on their smartphones.

Now, local police, sheriff’s departments and anyone else concerned with animal welfare, can download an App from the New York State Animal Protection Federation that will keep you up to date on all the animal laws in New York. The Federation represents all of New York State's humane societies, SPCAs and municipal animal shelters.


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Statistics have shown that individuals who commit acts of animal cruelty can escalate to violence against people. Crimes against animals are bridge crimes that have become an increased concern for all of us.

We also know there is a great deal of recidivism in animal abuse—this comes at a cost to the animals as well as those who have to deal with these crimes, law enforcement and local animal welfare organizations.  

The NYS Animal Protection Federation (NYSAPF) has compiled these relevant, animal-related New York State laws to help you when dealing with animal issues. NYSAPF works to create a humane community where animals benefit from progressive, life-saving programs developed through the collaboration of our member organizations.

We hope this App will aid your organization and can serve as a continual reference as it is updated to reflect the changing standards for animals in our state.

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