On January 19, 2016, District Attorney P. David Soares, joined by members of the “ACT” Animal Cruelty Taskforce led by his office, announced a new animal abuse response vehicle at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.  

“This new vehicle will serve as a mobile forensic unit to help assist the task force and local law enforcement during the response and investigation of animal abuse and hoarding cases,” said DA David Soares.  

Brad Shear, Executive Director of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society said of the announcement, “We appreciate DA Soares’ commitment to animal protection and are grateful that he has made such a tremendous effort to ultimately eradicate animal cruelty. This van is a huge step forward for our response team, but now the task becomes outfitting the response vehicle with the necessary equipment to assist first responders in the field.”

Want to help?  Please follow this link to learn how you or your business, company, organization, or group can sponsor the outfitting of this forensic response vehicle with equipment that will be used during the response of animal abuse and hoarding cases.

The ACT Animal Cruelty Response Van was paid for by the “Making Crime Pay” program of the District Attorney’s Office.